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Recipe for Making your own Rice Milk

Lisa, I agree that you should try different brands of rice and soy milks; I
love drinking both kinds, but there are some brands I won't touch!  

If you just don't like the sweetness of commercial rice milks, you can make
your own.  Here's how, with apologies to the contributors:


4 cups hot/warm water
1 cup cooked rice (I've used white or brown)
1 tsp vanilla

Place all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Let the milk set for about
30 minutes, then without shaking pour the milk into another container ( i
use an old honey jar) leaving most of the sediment in the first container.
This makes about 4-4/12 cups.
When I have used cold water and the rice was taken out of the
refrigerator,it just doesn't come out that well.  I don't know why but its
best to use warm water and warm rice (you can nuke it if its leftovers but
freshly made is best) I have even let it set longer than 30 minutes
(overnight) without it making a

or try this recipe:

*Rice Milk*

1 cup rice, raw (colour/variety of your choice)
8 cups water
salt, or salt-free seasoning, to taste
sweetener of your choice, to taste
flavourings (almond extract, etc.) (optional)

        Soak the rice in the water for at least three hours (no longer than
overnight, refrigerated).  Place the rice and water in a pot (or your rice
cooker, if it holds this much) and cook slowly until *very* soft.  Taste
occasionally through the cooking process, and add salt or sweetener, and
flavourings, accordingly.  When the rice is properly overcooked (read:
mush), run the whole mixture through the blender or food processor until
it's quite smooth (if you've a Champion-type juicer you're set - it makes
perfect rice milk at this stage).  You can thin the rice milk out if you
wish, with a little water, and/or run it through a fine sieve or
cheesecloth.  Chill, and keep refrigerated.

-- Tala