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Re: Milk Substitutes

Try different versions of the soy and rice milks.  I think that locally
there's also an oatmeal-based milk, but I haven't tried it.  I find all
of the flavored milks (and some of the non-flavored ones) too sweet, but
I've found at least one soy milk (Wildwood fresh lowfat soy milk, made in
Santa Cruz, CA) that I really like, and others that are tolerable on
cereal (Westsoy plain nonfat is o.k., Westsoy plain lowfat is a bit
better, both of them the calcium and vitamin fortified versions).  There
are certainly plenty of non-dairy milks out there I wouldn't try a second
time, but if you're willing to experiment you'll probably eventually find
one that you find acceptable.


Lisa Hill wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm trying to not use milk....I've tried soy milk (ugh!), rice
> milk-vanilla flavored (too sweet), & almond milk (doesn't "go" good
> w/cereal).   Does anyone know of any other milk substitutes or some
> other "liquid" to put on dry cereal?  Or maybe a trick to developing a
> taste for soy,rice, or almond milk?       Thanks!