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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #229

> > A butter replacement for pie crust...I use promise non fat margarine...
> > seems to do fine in everything I have baked
> Last time I looked, Promise Ultra Fat Free margarine was 100% calories
> from fat. Unless the formula has changed, look at the Nutritional Facts
> on the label: Calories (per serving): 5, calories from fat: 5
> The way they can call it "fast free" is that each small serving has 0.5
> grams of fat, so the regulations allow them to round it down to zero -
> hence the fiction: "fat free".
> -----

Ugh, I use that stuff like its going out of style and have never even
thought of it that way.

Okay, so now if I decide to change to something else to spread on my
bagel, what does the list recommend as the best alternative.  Real
butter?  OR one of the reduced fat margarines?  I know how bad trans
fats can be, but want to get others opinions on what they use.

Thanks alot.