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egg replacers

A good vegan egg replacement is Egg Not! by Dixie
Diner's Club.  Here's the description:

A dairy-free, animal-free egg replacer that's made only
from soybeans. Stores dry, just add 1 rounded teaspoon
to 2 tablespoons water to make a one egg replacement.
Use for baking and cooking. The easiest and most
economical egg replacer you will find. Don't try to make a
souffle out of it unless you add egg whites, though, even
Egg (Not!)? has its limits. One gram of fat and 17.5
calories per teaspoon. Makes great meatballs...replaces
oil or fat in baking, too! Many recipes included. (Kosher)

Eight ounces replaces 80 eggs and costs $5.99.

Here's the Dixie Diner site:


It offers online secure ordering and an 800 number to call
to request a catalog.

I don't work for the company, etc., etc. -- all the usual


P.S.  Dixie Diner also carries Just Whites for those of us
who aren't quite vegan.