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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #98

In a message dated 4/11/99 7:22:57 AM EDT, fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Hi!  I am searching for any dessert pizza or fruit pizza recipes anyone may
>  know of.  I tried looking through the archive, but didn't get much.  Does
>  anyone know any recipes?  Or at least could you tell me, after making the
>  dough and topping it with fruit and all, what would I spread on the
>  fruit/dessert pizza as the "sauce" or "filling" of the pizza?  I think
>  that's my main question.  Thanks a bundle--I appreciate your responses in
>  advance!
>  Chelsea O'Brien
I've never done dessert pizzas, but I think I'd try something like apple 
butter, or any fruit puree. I might even try it myself!