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Patti wrote:
<True "suthenah's" use chopped bread and butter pickles in their deviled 
eggs, says she.  She was just as shocked by the whole "sweet pickle 
relish incident" as you are. >

A distinction without a difference :)   REAL pickle relish IS chopped bread
and butter pickles.  Different families & companies have rip-roaring fights
over the amount of sugar that belongs in bread and butter pickles, that's
all!  Now, MY grandma's relish had her bread and butter pickle style cukes
chopped up, little tiny bits of red bell pepper, and just a touch of minced
onion.  She was from Manistee, up north on Lake Michigan, but she married a
man from Tennessee and her cooking had a distinctly south'n turn.  She
ALWAYS put relish in the tuna salad and deviled eggs.  She also put bacon
grease in the corn bread and everything, which is why I don't have her
around any longer... and my south'n grandfather's heart had more bacon
grease than it could handle long before I was born.  Riki, you stick with
your new recipe.  The odd thing is, our family corn bread was always really
sweet because of the Tennessee influence - do you think he was evicted?
Grandma also taught me to put pureed squash in my corn bread - that makes it
nice and moist.  (Sweet corn bread and a plate of wild rice, right down
memory lane - I'm hungry!)