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the deviled eggs that won't go away!

hello there again.  i am the person who started this whole "yolk less
deviled egg filling recipe request".

i cannot thank all of you enough for all the wonderful ideas, recipes,
suggestions and commentary on this age old question how to make deviled
egg filling without the yolks.  well,  because i can't leave a good
thing alone, i laid awake at night the other night re-working some of
the suggestions over in my mind.  i had prepared a few of the recipes
and the one issue that kept nagging me and was presenting a problem was
the issue of "texture".  i really  feel that the sensory part of a dish
is as important as the taste and nutrition factor.  that is why some
foods are referred to as "comfort" foods.  they "feel" as good as they
taste and that is one of the reasons that they are "comforting", right?
well, i was having a problem with the "texture" of the deviled egg
fillings.  no matter how hard i worked at it, the garbanzo beans just
felt grainy. that is not a problem for me at other times, i buy
garbanzos by the case lot.  the potato used in some of the recipes too
just had a "feel" that i did not enjoy.  so, in an attempt to adhere to
the creamy quality of the fillings that i remember when we used to
gobble up the genuine article, i decided to take basically all the same
condiments and other add-ins and replace the garbanzos or the potato
with one key ingredient.

i decided to pick up a brick of FAT FREE cream cheese and use that as
the base for my deviled egg stuffing.  this is what i ended up doing.
normally i just "wing it" when i make up things like this in the
kitchen, it is the "mad scientist" coming out of me, but i know that you
all want to know the measurements and i understand that.  so i will
attempt to do the best i can to give you the numbers.

for 8 hard boiled eggs, split in half for 16 halves.....

1 8oz package of FAT FREE creamed cheese
2 tablespoons of FAT FREE salad dressing or mayo.  we like miracle whip
1 teaspoon spicy good quality dijon mustard
6 cucumber chips or sweet pickle chips
1 tablespoon of well drained sweet pickle relish
  (we are among those that like that little bit of crunch and sweetness
  (left over from the old traditional recipe) but please feel free to
omit this if you
  wish.  you may want to zip it up with another spice of your choosing
or even
  capers, etc.)
  salt and pepper to taste
  paprika dusted on tops

i put all the above in my mini food processor and let it blend away
until it was a nice and spoonable consistency.  i then filled each egg
half, sans yolk, and placed each on a plate, sprinkled with a dusting of
paprika.  chill well then enjoy!

we found that the consistency of these filled eggs had a better "feel"
than the others we had prepared.  that is as important to us as much as
the taste is.

there was some filling remaining, which i used the following day as a
sandwich spread for my husband's sandwich.

none of the above measurements are "written on stone". they are really
approximations.  some brands of FAT FREE creamed cheese might have more
"water" in them than others so you may need to adjust accordingly so
that the filling is not TOO moist.  the main thing for us was the
texture, taste (correct balance of what spices we desired, i.e. sweet,
tangy) and the appearance of the finished product.  we feel that we have
perfected it now for ourselves and maybe you might want to try this one
too.  good luck with it and enjoy.  one nice thing about a recipe like
this, it is a bit like a painters canvas.  you can take the basic recipe
and do all sorts of wonderfully creative things with the spices and

relish or no relish......whichever YOU relish!

again, thank you for all the great ideas and feed back.

thanks beryl!

peace, happiness, good health and ANOTHER deviled egg recipe!
nancy and terry
angels be with us all, happily enjoying spring!
?i know that God will not give me anything
that i can?t handle.  i just wish that He
did not trust me so much...?
   mother teresa
?the sweetest of angels be with you...?