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RE: Garam Masala

To minimize spice-jar sticker shock, see if your earthy-crunchy grocery
store sells spices in bulk--it's much, much cheaper that way.  I recently
sent my 16yo son to buy a couple of herbs that I needed to make dinner.  He
was not used to buying spices and was afraid they would cost too much (the
posted prices on the bins are per pound), so he only got a spoonful or so of
each.  When he got to the register, though, they were so light they didn't
register on the scale!  The cashier gave them to him for free because he
couldn't figure out a price.  I generaly buy a bit more than that, but it's
always very inexpensive.

Debbie C

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Subject: Garam Masala

You can get Garam Masala in any Indian grocery store. I am sure the price is
cheaper there.