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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #115

To Jessica who is going to college at Tulane...I'm a senior at Emory
(Atlanta), and I didn't start out at college as a vegetarian / ff person,
it evolved.  Certainly the fact that the dorm room I have lived in for the
past two years has a kitchenette has helped.  But since you're starting
out that way...depending on how good your meal plan is, you'll probably be
living off of that instead of cooking for yourself (most of the dorms
around here have 1 kitchen per floor or for the entire hall -
inconvenient, and people will take your food and use your things if you
leave them in the kitchen).  The meal plan here has evolved substantially
over the past four years - we now have a small vegetarian area (veggy
burgers, various stir fries, sometimes beans and lentils) which isn't 100%
ff.  You can also get steamed vegetables (sometimes cooked with oil so you
have to watch out) and they have a potato and a salad bar (no fatfree
dressings, but they offer flavored vinegars).  
	Aside from that, you could stock up on baked ramen, ff dried cup
of soup mixes, carrot sticks, and fruit.  I usually keep a supply of pasta
and stuff to make tomato sauce on hand; instant rice (Uncle Ben's offers a
brown rice version) and varieties of split peas and grains that don't take
long to cook are good too.  Having said that, you'll want to have a small
supply of spices on hand, as well as measuring cups and spoons.  A small
saucepan with a lid is essential.

Well, that's all I can think of for now - good luck!