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that wonderful garam masala blend!

greetings to you all!

i am so happy that the garam masala question came up...

garam masala is a wonderful mixture (blend) of spices that can be useful
in many recipes.  i have even found that a "pinch" gives some italian
dishes a different "twist", depending on how daring you want to be...

"garam" is a happy little mixture of: cardamom, black pepper, coriander,
cumin, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

we found it in most LARGE grocery stores spice isle as it is becoming
more popular. we also found it at any grocery that has a large middle
eastern foods department.

the last time we bought it by the 6oz package (enough to last two
lifetimes, i wish i could find someone to share it with as a little goes
a long way, at least for our tastes) was when we were visiting in
victoria b.c. and vancouver b.c.  all their grocery outlets of any size
have a whole section for ethnic foods, spices, other than the usual
chinese and mexican that most markets have across the country.  they had
it for sale in the "small" size, which we bought and the 8oz package.
but i would think that if you live near a large metropolitan area you
should be able to access it from a spice dealer or even on the net
through one of the spice companies there.

we also just saw some this past weekend at "cost plus" world market for
exports and imports....if that helps...it was under $1.00 for a few
ounces, but that is nice for you to try it out first before you buy the
larger sizes.  with the prices of most spices these days, you have to
refinance your home to buy a bottle or a jar of most of them.

the other day, we were shopping and i almost had to give one woman CPR
in the spice isle department...she was shopping for cardamom....not my
favorite, but i have a jar of it, also picked up from cost plus (no i do
not work for them...just love the prices and the selections of great
things to buy....just like trader joe's...a real fun time for us food
lovers with discerning palates!)  this woman was in total shock over the
price of the cardamom...i offered to go home and give her what she
needed as i know i will not use all mine....she just said that she could
live without that terrible price and i agree!  anyone else in "spice
sticker shock" these days?

....food for thought: is there a connection between the price of spices
and the gas prices....hmmmm?  i doubt it totally, but the similarity in
prices is about the same don't you think?

hope that this helps somewhat...thanks kate for your delicious recipe
using garam....NOW, i would love to see more recipes with this delicious
spice in the digest if anyone has more to add...i want to  branch out a
bit with it and want to use it to the best advantage...

hope that this springtime finds you all happy, heart/body and soul
happy....and enjoy each second of those wonderful lives of yours.

thanks to you all for making the "great egg-stravaganza" such a
delight....NOW, thanks to all you brilliant and talented minds out
there, we are enjoying our fat free deviled eggs once again....no, i am
not asking to go there again, i just thought that while i was "in the
neighborhood" on the spice question, i would give thanks where i do
believe it is due...TO YOU!

peace and lots of angel blessings to you and your dear ones,

Don't walk in front of me,
I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me,
I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.
    - Albert Camus

May the sweet angels walk with you
and be your constant friends...