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Re: College cooking

Hi Jessica!  (from another Jessica ;-)

When I went off to college I wasn't paying attention 
to what I was eating (this was 10 years ago).  The food in
the dorms was so gross (I'm very spoiled, mom's a trained chef)
that I actually lost the "freshman 15" during the first semester
which wasn't necessarily a good thing.  I'm 5'5" and went from
118 to 102!

Pretty much the only thing I would eat in there was the salad
bar, and fortunately they had a decent one.  There were sack 
lunches you could pick up, and I just ate the plain sandwich
(I wasn't a vegetarian at the time and neither were the sandwiches...)
and fruit and threw out the chips and cookie.  I've never been
into junk food.

Another thing I recommend is rent a mini refrigerator.  This is
a very common thing to do, I think we rented ours for $50 for
the semester.  That way I could keep some things in the fridge.
My room mate also had a microwave and hot pot even though we
weren't supposed to, and that was also very helpful.  Those
Nile Spice cup o' soups would have come in really handy back 

Good luck!