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Vegan Passover results

Hi all!

Just an update, the day after our foray to a friend's house for Passover
seder, our first since going vegan...

I had sent out mail a couple of weeks ago looking for vegan recipes that
were "legal" for Passover.  I didn't get a lot of responses (thank you
to those few folks who did respond, however!).  Most of the web pages I
found or was pointed to had lots and lots of recipes that started with
multiple eggs, or something like that -- but vegan recipes were few and
far between!  So we decided we'd sort of adapt a couple we'd seen that
looked like veggie stew recipes, and sort of "wing it"...

So I did up a veggie stewish-thing that included onions, mushrooms,
peppers, summer squash, eggplant, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnip,
fennel chunks... I think that's all... all kind of sautee'd together
with water (I precooked the potatoes, carrots, parsnips and turnip in
the microwave, just because I only had an hour before we had to leave in
which to do my cooking!).  When everything was heated through and cooked
to my satisfaction, I added about 8-12 tbsp of crushed tomatoes, some
fresh oregano and thyme, a bit of dried rosemary and just enough white
pepper to bring out the flavors.  I know the whole thing was vegan, and
I'm _pretty_ sure it was also fully kosher for Passover (which, we've
learned, is an entirely different beast from just kosher!).

That was our main dish; we also had salad and baked potatoes that our
hostess had prepared (and I had a bit of the candied sweet potato, which
may not have been either vegan or fatfree (I didn't ask), but sure did
look and taste wonderful!).  We basically nibbled on haroseth while
everyone else had matzoh ball soup (very definitely in chicken broth --
I could smell it).  And for dessert, one of the other guests had made a
huge fruit salad -- wonderful!

Neither our host/hostess nor the other guests were fazed by our choices,
and it was a very pleasant evening...

Thanks, again, for what help folks were able to give us!


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