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Thanks everyone for all the great recipes posted here.  I have just
joined this list and am finding it very helpful.  My family just became
( reluctantly) vegeans.  My husband at 47 just underwent a triple
bypass. And since I do not want to be a rich young widow we have decided
to do the vegan route ala Dean Ornish.  It is hard at times especially
eating out ar at friends. But we will make it.  My name a home is now "
The Food Nazi"  but I really like it I wanted to do this years ago but
had no support. Now we have no choice.  BUT it is working.  Before my
husbands surgery his chol. was 274 now in only 5 weeks on the diet plus
medication it has dropped to 127  His doctor was shocked he has never
seen a drop like that and he has all his other patients on the high
protein diet ( high fat if you look at what they eat) but since it does
not make sense to me and I do the cooking around here (that plus I hate
red meat) we are now a family of Vegans.  But I need support.  There are
not many (any) other folks around here that I have found that are both
Vegan and Low Fat so any and all help would be appreciated.

Does any one know if there is a list for people on the Dean Ornish plan
TaTa for Now,
Nancy L. Adkins
Bethany Beach, Delaware
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