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eating fatfree/dieting

Hi everyone..My name is Dawn and I'm new to the list..I've been lurking
for a week or so and am really enjoying all the suggestions..

Quick background..I've been trying to lose weight since the beginning of
the year...started exercising..then tried cutting back with my regular
diet..It didn't work.  I found Dr. Mirkin's 20 gram diet about a month
ago.  I've continued exercising and in the month I've been following the
plan I've lost almost 15 lbs!  I'm very pleased with the results and
by increasing my fiber intake I've become more "regular" than I have
ever been..something that has always been a problem for me!  Although
Dr. Mirkin's plan isn't strictly vegetarian (it includes fish), the
majority of my meals are vegetarian.

Question...in many of Dr. Mirkin's recipes he will say brown rice
or grain of your choice...What grains can be subsituted for brown rice?
millet? quinoa? bulger?..Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with
grains..Can someone help?

thanks...looking forward to being an active member on the list