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I made delicious spaghetti, even if I say so.
While the water was cooking I started with the onions, they take very
long.  Everything was done at the same time, and in Mexico it takes
longer to get spaghetti it its point, due to the high altitude.

Take a lot of onions and slice them.
In a non stick pan put apple juice
add the onions and garlic
let them "fry" and "fry" till brown
delicious on top of the spaghetti
nothing else
(well my husband added some parmesan cheese)

Again hello to all

                    Jenka Guevara (Keizer)
jguevara@xxxxxxxxxxx                     http://spin.com.mx/~jguevara
The American School Foundation     Mexico City    HS Computer Teacher
The University of Alabama, Doctoral Student, Instructional Technology