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dessert pizza // mustard

To Chelsea,

I have seen many recipes for dessert pizza, but have never made one.  The
'fillings' I have seen most often used are either nonfat instant pudding
(vanilla for most), or a cream cheese (nonfat, of course) blended with some
sugar and sometimes nonfat yogurt (to thin it out).  One bakes the crust
first, spreads on the filling, then layers on fresh or pre-cooked fruit or
even a canned fruit pie filling.  Let us know how the pizza turns out,
because I've always wanted to try one.

To Lynne and all about mustards,

I, too, love mustards.  My favorite homemade dressing is a few tablespoons of
dijon mustard plus a few tablespoons of nonfat sour cream, plus about 2/3 cup
or more of mango vinegar, plus a few teaspoons of dill weed.  This is good on
salads and also on steamed veggies.  Or you can use less mango vinegar 1/3 to
1/2 cup and use it as a dip for raw veggies.

I have the catalog for the 'Mustard Museum' here in front of me and don't see
their URL (I have it bookmarked at home, but not here at work).  Their phone#
is 800-438-6878.  They are located in Mt Horeb, Wi. (about 15mi SW of
Madison).   It is a really small store with an amazing number of mustards and
you can taste any of them before you buy (they have one of each open in a
huge refrigerator!
My favorite discovery there is Smokey Onion Mustard made by Terripin Ridge of
Freeport, Ill.

Pam D