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Re: Boca Burgers

We buy the Costco Boca Burger pack and they are a great deal. Although
we prefer the taste and texture of the Trader Joe mushroom burgers
(Champions Burgers), I really like using the Boca's in casseroles and
such. They chop up neatly when semi-thawed and retain their shape in the
casserole, so you get actual "chunks" of burger. They have a "meatier"

I just keep them in the freezer and take out what I need. I usually use
3 burgers for a 2-1/2 quart size casserole.

>>From: BettyG2@xxxxxxx
>>Subject: Bocca Burgers
>>Ate a sample of a Boca Burger on a hamburger bun at Costco Store today. I did not purchase the package of 6 frozen boca burgers but the sample really was tasty.  Has anyone heard of this vegetarian product or tried it?  It's fully cooked, the sample was just thawed and warmed up on a griddle.  Interesting.
>>Betty, Pacifica, CA