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re: Mochi & eggs

<gggg> PEOPLE!  <looking school ma'am-ish, with hands on hips>
Patti, being from the North, I'd rather die than eat deviled eggs with
relish mixed into them. But I don't think us liking or disliking our deviled
eggs with relish is actually geographic-specific. <holding map sideways>
But there are a lot of southern dishes I'd rather die than eat.
Since moving to the Washington, DC area I have been introduced to food my
mother had probably never even heard of, let alone thought to prepare.  Many
of them I've learned are ab-so-lutely delicious, like collard greens,
cornbread stuffing, corn pudding, okra and tomatoes, etc.
But as far as relish in things?  To me it's as 1950s as overcooked canned
vegetables, dishes with soda crackers all over them, Velveta, Miracle Whip
and wonderbread sandwiches, and 1000 island dressing made with mayonnaise,
catsup and relish.  I'll pass.
But then, I'd rather die than eat broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, or
beans.  Yes, I am an extremely creative vegetarian! <s>

You have your relish, I'll have mine without and we'll agree not to try to
share, 'em, OK?
Happy Easter, all!