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In a message dated 8/22/98 6:21:57 AM, you wrote:

<<To Willi who asked if Stevia is available in Michigan.  I don't know
that but you can hop the Windsor/Detroit border and will find it right
downtown, a block from the tunnel exit.  My question to Willi is...I
have both powder and liquid...have you baked or cooked with it and if so
can you send me some recipes and/or measurements.  I would really
appreciate it.  Can send to me privately also:  bkmorsun@xxxxxxxx
Thanks, KarenM

Where in Michigan are you looking?  The Good Food Company in Troy and in
Westland carries Stevia.  You Are What You Eat in Keego Harbor also carries
it.  I'll bet Betty's Grocery in Birmingham carries it, altho I have not
looked there.  

Best wishes,