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sugar free jam

I would suggest you get a copy of *Gourmet Preserves Chez Madelaine* by
Madelaine Bullwinkel (Chicago: Contemporary Books, Inc., 1985.
$7.95/paperback).  You'll have to check to see if this book is out of
print or not...you could also check your local library for a copy.  She
includes one chapter dedicated to sugar-free jams (11 recipes like
No-Sugar Peach Pineapple Jam with Apricots).  But perhaps the most
interesting part of the book is the chapter on jam making techniques:
She outlines the "chimistry" (ie. the hows and whys) of jam
making...explains how you can make your own pectin (very easy), etc...
Ultimately she gives you the information you need to start making your
own wonderful, no-fuss jams and jellys.  Good luck.