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Re: Rice

At 02:10 PM 8/31/98 EDT, CML410@xxxxxxx wrote:
>I eat alot of rice and normally just get the instant white minute rice.I am
>interested in getting a more healthy, higher fiber, rice. I am starting to
>feel like eating white rice is a waste of eating since theres not much there.
>Im sure there  are many at my health food store but before I go looking doesn
>anyone have any recomendations? I would also like the fat/fiber counts for
>them if you know : ) 

In his latest cook book, (The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook) Dr
McDougall, recomends Success Boil in Bag brown rice.  He says it cooks up a
lot quicker than regular brown rice.  I've never used it myself though.

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