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Re: Cast Iron Seasoning

Actually it doesn't take much oil at all.  You put a coating of oil into the
pan and rub it into the sides and bottom.  Then put it on the stove (for a
fry pan) or oven (for dutch oven) on low heat for at least a half hour (this
is bare minimum).  When it is done, you wipe out the oil really well and you
are ready to go.  Remember to reseason as necessary for example if you have
left the pot sitting in water or had to scrub something particularly hard.

Just a tip for cleaning cast iron...when you have foods that are
particularly 'sticky' ie they won't come off when you are trying to clean
them put water into the pot or pan and put on the stove to simmer.  That
goop usually falls right off within 5-10 minutes.  Then clean up is a

Keep in mind that when you buy 'nonstick cookware' they tell you in the
instructions to do exactly what you do with cast iron...only the cast iron
gets better the older it gets and the nonstick...well, I don't think I have
to tell you what happens to that!


>With all the talk lately about cast iron pans, does anyone know the proper
>way to season one?  I believe it takes a lot of oil, and wonder how that
>affects the foods cooked in it later.