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fatfree travelling

For those who want fatfree travelling info, we are vegan and fatfree at
home, when travelling we stay vegan and also as low fat as we can. not easy!

When we have traveled to Europe, I make up ziplock bags of meusli and carry
low fat powdered soy milk.  This is breakfast or a snack in our room.

I also make up a savory mix of dehydrated bean flakes and tvp chili mix,
both available at my health food store in bulk.  This just needs hot water
to make a hot meal or snack.  When really hot water has not been available.
we used hot tap water, not gourmet, but better than nothing!  I pack in my
disposable bowls and spoons.
For snacks we carry dried fruit.

When travelling closer to home, we often carry a rice cooker and homemade
mixes that I pack in ziplocks.  These mixes are rice, dehydrated veggies,
red lentils, seasonings.  Often I use as a base, the Lindburgh pilaf mix,
this contains a variety of brown rices and dehydrated beans.  Yum.  The rice
cooker does take up a bit of space, but can be very welcome depending on the
local food options and your budgetary limitations.
Jan G