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A month ago, we went to pick up my Father-in-law and drive him from
Florida to Seattle. It was an interminable drive, with the road going on
forever. But, in a week, it finally ended. Most of the Country has
turned into "fast food." On the major roads, there are no longer any
small restaurants with some low fat or fat free foods available. Subway
exists and you can order a veggie sub sandwich, or at Wendy's you can
get a cheeseless baked potato with vegetables on it, but that's about

Stopping at supermarkets remains a possibility, but you need to have
some way to cook some of the foods available there. A small camping
stove or steamer would help. If you need to (or want to) travel outside
of the Country such a stove is even more important. But how can you put
one in your suitcase? Supposing it uses a volatile or flammable fuel,
how can you carry this on an airplane?

I'd like to start a thread for you folks to help us find the IDEAL
small, portable stove or steamer that you can carry anywhere. This would
help us all a lot when we travel.

We all recognize that traveling low fat is very difficult. Our diet,
while extremely healthful is socially isolating and becomes very
difficult on the road--almost impossible. Dixie Diner's products are
very helpful because they don't need refrigeration and can be packed in
little packets. But you still need to cook them.

Please keep the ideas flowing. Thanks to all,

Mike Rosenblatt