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Iron skillets/C. Skinner

I cannot imagine baking cornbread in anything other than my iron skillet. 
Even my fatfree cornbread comes out perfectly.  I have an iron dutch oven
with lid that is probably 40 years old.  My son, who loves to cook, says
they are only to be found in antique stores.  The cheapest he has found was
$90.  I surely am not getting rid of any of my iron cookware!

One more thing....Cat Skinner sent me her copy of McDougall's book when I
wrote about my husband's probable need for having a heart transplant.  It
was a miracle!  He read it in one day and has been vegetarian since then. 
His tests show that his heart is working fine (and he has lost 30 pounds
without trying.)  I waited a bit too long to write to Cat.  Gary threw away
the brown envelope with her snail mail.  She no longer has the same e-mail
address.  If you are still on this list, Cat, I wish I could thank you in
person for what you did for us with your kindness.

Jeanelle Ray