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Govinda's Desert

RE: Hare Krishna Rest. Govinda' Desert

This is a typical Indian (East) desert 

Take a measure (cup would do)  of CREAM OF WHEAT and roast it in pan with a teaspoon of  Margerine or oil or melted  butter  till it's slightly brown and you can smell
the roast aroma.
Add 1/4 cup nuts and dry fruits of your choice  and  1.1/2  to 2 cups  (depending on how soft or pasty or gooy one likes) and cook  for about 5 min or till its to the consistency one prefers. If one likes it rich  cook it in milk and clarified butter other wise could be just water 
Or a mix of water and milk.
Ps one can substitute cous cous too but you will need more water/combo