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Great brand of LF Tofu!

Hi Everyone-

  I just found the *best* LF tofu at Whole Foods!  Actually, it's not at
all Whole Foods stores, there are 3 near me, and I stumbled upon this at
one of them.  Out of the 3 stores, it's the only one of them to carry
it.  Anyway, this stuff is great!  It's *really* hard, much better than
anything else I have seen for sauting and BBQing without it falling
apart.  It's put out by "The Soy Deli" and is called Low-Fat Nigari
Tofu.  It is 17% CFF, but that is much lower than most tofu and Ornish
does now recommends a serving of soy a day.

  Also, I just got caught up with the recipes and restaurant
on the Vegetarian Weight Removers (VEGWR) website.  Please check it out
and let me know what you think at:  http://www.eatsleepcode.com/vegwr




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