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more wintersquash

Funny how our tastes change, I hated this stuff as a child, now I really
love it.

Wintersquash is really yummy just steamed and mashed, add some orange juice
concentrate and grated ginger if you like, or just a bit of salt for the
basic.  You can steam the stuff and freeze in  ziplock bags, use for soups
all winter.

"Cream" of Winter Squash soup.
This is how I do it, more of an idea than a recipe, you really can't hurt

Peel and cube the squash. Boil until very soft.  Let cool a bit, then puree
in a blender or food processor.  Add fatfree soy milk to achieve desired
consistency.  Season to your taste.  We like a bit of medium dry sherry,
grated ginger, and maybe some grated orange peel. If you like it sweeter,
cook a peeled apple witwh the squash and puree it all together.

Delicata Sqush, I think I have the name right, these are the small, almost
single serving size ones.  I just wash, stick them with a knife a few times
as I do baked potatoes, then bake or microwave until tender, let cool just a
bit, then cut in half, scrap out seeds, sprinkle with salt and critus
pepper.  Delish, a real treat!

Now that I am in the "beautiful leaves country", autumn is my favorite
season.  I really cherish it.  Lived most of my live in southern California,
so glad to be in central New York and eagerly awaiting fall.
Jan G