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Brown Rice and Other Grains by the Opinionated Chef

IMO, there is no substitute for grains as unrefined as possible, if one
wants maxium nutritive value and health benefits.

Therefore, I eat no white rice or pearl barley or quick cooking brown rice.
To me these are overprocessed and I will not pay the extra money for over
processing which strips them of their nutritive value.

Now, this stand does become a mite burdensome when I am in a rush or
juggling many pots.  I found the black & Decker rice steamer does an
excellent job, makes the best rice I have ever had.

Or, I cook up large quanities of a grain, whether brown rice, hullet
barley, millet, and then I freeze them in ziploc freezer bags (which I
re-use and re-use) and freeze them.  They defrost in minutes, especially if
placed near where I am cooking.

I buy a 10 lb bag of california Brown Rice at Costco.  I do a couple of
things with the raw rice.  I freeze 1/2 of it and I put the other half in
the refrigerator, since brown rice does become rancid if left for a long
period of time.

Gloriamarie, 1/2 of Partners in Twine, enjoying San Diego's Perpetually
Perfect Weather

"The moral is, build up that stash. You never know when you're
going to need to knit a scarf for the Dalai Lama." Jean Miles, Edinburgh