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Rice and couscous

Hi, all,

Carli - good for you!  I finally weaned my boys off of plain white rice last
year for the same reasons you want to switch now.  I mixed the healthier stuff
in gradually increasing proportions with the white and now one boy prefers
wild rice (which is really a grass, but works the same way and has a really
interesting, nutty taste) and the other prefers brown.  Neither really likes
couscous, bulghur, quinoa, etc.  I personally think quinoa is great - so
unusual and healthy, with a great texture.  Saturn is my favorite planet
(don't know why I have a favorite planet) and the rings remind me of it.

Had to laugh about the isoflavones question.  Takes a brave person to ask what
they fear is a stupid question.  In my book, there's no such thing.  :)
Isoflavones are one of the important nutritional components of soy that seem
to benefit those suffering during menopause, etc.  Since tofu is processed
like cheese, some of the naturally-occurring benefits are lost, which is why
other soy products (like the Dixie products) are considered more healthful if
that's what you're looking for.  There are other odd-sounding components to
soy like genistein, so now you'll know about that, too!

 As far as cooking with couscous, it works best for me as a 'bed'.  I much
prefer stews to soups and do use couscous to absorb excess liquid.  However, I
find that in a soupy soup, it just absorbs to the point of turning to mush.