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FATFREE Digest V98 #298 -Reply

Hi from sunny South Africa:

For Larry G (and others!) whose bananas go bad quickly:  store them in
the fridge.  The skins will still turn black but the bananas inside
will be edible for some time after the skin blackens.  Also, if you
are storing them on the shelf, keep them away from apples and pears
unless you have green bananas and want to ripen them quickly.  The
apples and pears give off a gas that speeds up the ripening process. 
Here in SA where bananas grow easily and are always available we can
often buy them green and then ripen them by putting them in a brown
paper bag with an apple for a few days.   Alternatively, peel and
slice them into 1-inch bits when they are nice and ripe and freeze
overnight.  Put them (still frozen) in your blender, whizz them up
till they are creamy and add a dash of cocoa or vanilla or honey (or a
combination) and viola! you have a delicious, healthy ice cream. 
(Hmmm.... maybe the Northern Hemisphere is getting a little chilly for
ice cream?)

Good luck!
Sandy D