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Re: Cilantro Haters

For those of you out there who hate cilantro so much, I _used to_ feel the
same. I lived in Mexico (Cancun) for 7 years and the first few months tried
my patience to the core. Everything seemed to have this horrible green
_thing_ in it, that simply spoiled the taste for me. I spent hours removing
it from dishes at restaurants, just to be able to eat.

One fine day I got tired of the the job of removing these tiny chopped
pieces from ceviches, soups, salads, salsas, etc. and decided to make the
best of a bad thing (I knew I'd be living there at least a few years).

To my enormous surprise I began to love the taste so much, that now, back
in the USA, I literally ache for it if I haven't made a dish with cilantro
in it for a while. It is a most distinctive, wonderful flavor.

Well, I know many others have said that, so I just wanted to share how a
cilantro hater was converted into a cilantro lover.

Cheers, Gabrielle  - oh, and I'd really appreciate a great meatloaf recipe
that doesn't taste dry, ie. the meatless ones I have tend to be a bit mealy
and my sons aren't too enthusiastic.