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RECIPE: cranberry orange pineapple relish <tested>

	My Mom's been making this for Thanksgiving for 
	as long as I can remember. It's the only dish 
	that never has leftovers. Last year she tried to 
	give us a version made with that canned jelly goop 
	and everybody let her know that we wanted the "real"
	stuff. Guess she won't try that again!!!

	Cranberry Orange Pineapple Relish

	This is not ordinarily messy to make, but as with beets and
	tomato dishes, I'm careful with what I prepare cranberries.

	1 whole navel orange with peel
	1 small (4-6 ounce) can crushed pineapple preferably in own juice
	1 small (4-6 ounce) can mandarin orange segments preferably in
		own juice. 
	12-16 ounces fresh or fresh-frozen whole cranberries
		(here, a bag of cranberries has 12 ounces)
		washed and trimmed of stems and leaves.
	1 cup sugar (use more or less to taste)

	1. Put orange in cuisinart with metal blade and pulse or 
		process till coarsely chopped.

	2. Add cranberries to food processor and pulse or chope 
		till coarsely chopped. (If cranberries are still frozen,
		this will make a lot of noise.)

	3. Empty into a container that can be covered and refrigerated.

	4. Drain cans of orange segments and crushed pineapple and put
		 aside juices for some other use. Stir canned fruit
		 into cranberries.  Add sugar to taste.  Flavor will
		 improve while the relish chills. (When my mother
		 first showed me how to make this, she used to use 2
		 whole cups of sugar but now she just uses 1 cup)

	5. Refrigerate.