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rice pudding recipe

Someone asked for a good rice pudding recipe.  I tried for years to find a
good rice pudding recipe but was always very disappointed with the baked
versions in all the cookbooks.  Finally I found one at Neosoft's recipe site.
You make it using the same technique used to make risotto.  I start with one
cup of rice and two cups of skim milk.  I simmer the rice in the milk,
stirring constantly.  As the mixture dries out I add more milk, a little at a
time.  You can add more milk until you achieve the desired consistency, some
like it rather dry, some like it very moist and saucy.  Once the rice is
tender I add a teaspoon of vanilla and sugar to taste.  My friend adds a
beaten egg to hers, making it taste very custard-like.  It's simple, though
takes much tending to ensure that the pudding doesn't burn or dry out.  But I
assure you it's worth the effort.