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Lessons learned about frozen bananas

What I have learned about frozen bananas:  A)  If the banana is more
dark and speckeled-y and dark yellow, over-ripe for most people, it is a
prime candidate for the freezer.  The more over-ripe it is, the better
the post-freezer peeling results you will have.  B)  If you put a bright
yellow fresh ripe banana in the freezer and try to peel it frozen the
skin will stick to it and will be a fight to the finish to get it off --
it at all.  I have found that placing prime candidates in the freezer
and letting them freeze until they are black (about a week), then using
them when needed works great.  I pull out a banana, grab a knife, slice
the top off and just pull the knife downward just below the skin, as if
I were peeling, only I am using the knife and the skin comes off just as
quickly and smoothly.  Admittedly, it's kinda sticky, but when making a
smoothie, most items used fall into that category, at least for me!
Durham, NC