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Using Cilanto

On the use of cilantro someone suggested the following:

>>>>Cilantro, as far as I know, is a seasoning (herb?) and can be used in
same way as one would use parsley.<<<<<<

While essentially this is correct, I would caution you to include it in
Mexican and Oriental cooking.  It has a very pronounced flavor which
compliments these types of foods best.  I have on occasion added some to
salads, but made sure beforehand that the flavor went well with the dressing
used.  (ex:  Mango Vinaigrette salad served with a Mexican meal)

Also, I add the cilantro onto the tops of foods after the cooking process,
or if into soups I add it into the broth just before serving.  This keeps
the flavor, and the cilantro keeps its lovely lacy look.

Hope this helps,
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