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Re: baked potato

My personal favorite baked potato toppings:

- Salsa (side stories below... :)
- Creamed corn (sound weird, tastes good!)
- Broccoli
- Spinach
- Random steamed veggies

and if you're looking for a not-so-low-fat treat:
- avocado (yum!)

Two salsa 'n' potato stories:

At the local fair here in Bolton, MA every year, the Nashoba High School
junior class has a baked potato stand.  They have all the usual toppings
(nasty-looking cheddary stuff, butter, sour cream, etc.), as well as salsa
and broccoli.  We always get a salsa'n'broccoli topped potato each.
Invariably, whoever's minding the stand says something like "hmm, that
sounds good!", and one or two people around us will end up ordering the
same thing because they think it sounds interesting!

At the Eastern States Exposition (New England's annual equivalent of a
state fair), the Maine state pavilion offers genuine Maine baked potatoes
at one of the booths.  When I got up to the woman at the counter, I asked
her for two plain potatoes, nothing on 'em.  She looked surprised, and
asked me why I didn't want any toppings, so I told her there was a bottle
of salsa in my pocket that was waiting to be poured over them.  "Salsa?!
on a baked potato?!"  You'd think I'd suggested she pour raw sewage on
them, or something, from her reaction! :)


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