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beans etc.

>I also have another question......Can dry beans go bad? I had an old bag of
>black beans soaked them, but when I tryed cooking them they would
>NOT.........after a longtime boiling.........get soft.

Dry beans should be good for years.  If you suspect they may be old you may
want to soak them longer than usual, at least over night, up to 24 hours.
Then do not all any salt (or soy sauce, etc.)  or acidic ingredients such as
tomatoes until they are nearly done.

As to the digestibility, we eat beans nearly every day, have for years, I do
fine with them usually and dh still has gas from them.  Beano helps, cooking
beans with kombu or kelp can help.  Be sure to discard soaking water, and
you can also skim off the foamy white stuff as you cook the beans.  Then,
drink ginger tea after, or add ginger to the beans.

Q-- wouldn't bofy fat less than 20% affect your hormone balance?
Jan Gordon