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Fwd: Pineapple Muffins Re: Unidentified subject!

>I would love some crisp,crunchy cookies.  I hope somebody has something
like that!
>I make a quick muffins or loaf bread with a 
>can of crushed pineapple
>2c flour
>2t baking powder
>1/4 -1/2c sugar
>You could also add 1t vanilla, 1/4c grapenuts, 1/4t salt.  For a splurge
1/4c sliced almonds, but then it wouldn't be fat free.  Bake at usual temps
and time, 350 at 20 minutes for muffins, approximately.  I think I'll go
make some now!  See if I can come up with a new variation.

I forgot! 1-2 eggs.

Sometimes I add dry milk also.

Sorry about the egg oversight.