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Cooking dried navy beans

Do you cook the beans without any seasonings at all?  Just in water?  How
about a little onion and garlic?  (I don't salt anything but use other
spices instead.  And any kind of pepper gives me indigestion!)

My problem seems to be navy beans.  I cook dried white beans, kidney beans,
lima beans, lentils, split peas--usually with tomato puree and spices--with
no problem!  I even cook dried garbanzo beans from scratch for my salads!

There is no telling how long the grocery has had the dried beans in stock.
I don't use a pressure cooker but use either a crockpot or the top of the

Anybody else have a problem with navy beans.  Maybe navy beans don't sell
very well in my area!  (Don't know what they're missing, do they!  Ha! Ha!)

Thanks all,