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Re: carbohydrate choices

On Fri, 29 May 1998, Allison Munro Hoff wrote:

> .... If I want to start developing a habit of liking a really
> healthy food which one should I pick? I read somewhere that brown rice is
> a very healthy food but when I went to get some brown rice there were
> three different kinds at least. Any suggestions?  

Brown rice is probably a good place to start--I always use brown rice and
whole wheat bread, but have never gotten used to whole wheat pasta (though
I haven't tried very hard).

Brown rice (like white rice) comes with different grains--short grain,
medium grain, long grain.  If you like rice to stick together, you
should choose short-grain rice.  If you want fluffy rice that doesn't
stick, use long-grain.  Basmati, jasmine, and texmati are all types of
long grain rice that are a little fancier.

Good luck!

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill