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dawn, lynda's husband

Hi-- lurker here-- just want to add one more re. Dawn's situation.
I have the same situation at home & after much pushing & pulling (13 yrs 
this August :>) we've finally found a routine that's comfortable for 
everyone. He has tried a number of times to go veg-- he knows it's 
healthier-- but always relapses :>. 
Anyway-- most nights he eats what I eat plus a broiled or grilled piece 
of meat or fish. I have a collection of marinade recipes so he feels like 
I "prepared" his meal, but really it just sat in a zip lock bag. I tried 
for years to do casseroles, etc.-- half a lasagna w/ meat, half w/ 
mushroom, etc., but actually he feels better "fed" (but eats less) when 
he gets a meat & 2 sides.

Which brings me to Lynda's husband! :) I totally agree with him re. not 
liking food that's been processed to resemble meat. I think this is why 
folks fell in love with Portabello mushrooms. They are sort of the size 
of a SAD meat serving, but they are what they are. My family has totally 
gotten away from pot meals & casseroles too-- a couple of single 
ingredient dishes (black beans, asparagas, sweet potato, whatever) artfully
seasoned seem much more satisfying to us than a stew or soup, etc. (Not 
that soup isn't yummy-- but now it's a treat!) And this sort of set up 
REALLY makes the little old man inside my husband's head happy. (The 
little old man who really wants a wife at home cooking & cleaning-- Not 
that he would EVER admit he has a little old man in his head, even to 

Oh, one other thing for Dawn-- when he's in the mood, my husband REALLY 
gets into cooking Chili & Spaghetti-- manly man food. I don't really know 
how this happened except that mine was too bland for him (I DIDN'T do it 
on purpose!) But he gets out there & whips around like he's in the chili 
cookoff-- makes a HUGE mess & has a great time. Then he has his meals for 
ready for about three days. And EVERY time he eats he says "MAN! This is the 
BEST chili ANYONE has ever made!"

Good luck! and Congratulations!
- Marya