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Request tregarding recipes

I love getting new recipes from this website.  I would appreciate it if the
senders would try to include what I consider some  pertinent information. I
realize that sometimes the sender doesn't have that information, but it may
also be the case that they simple forget to include it.  Among the missing
information that I refer to are:  What is the yield on the recipe (
servings or measure) ? / What size baking pan  do you use ? (It's a real
mess when you put something in a pan too small and it boils over) /  What
is the specific size or measure of any ingredient? Sometimes a teaspoon one
way or the other can make the recipe turn bad. I am still haunted by a meat
loaf recipe from 20 years ago that called for 4 tablespoons of horseradish
(an obvious misprint) but I didn't know that then./  What amount are they
replacing when they substitute? For instance, a recent recipe said to use a
block of reduced fat tofu instead of  ricotta - We can't get tofu that is
low enough in fat for my husband's diet. I would use fat free ricotta, but
I don't know how much. Unfortunately, we  are  trying to lose weight and
that requires me to measure amounts in order to control  how many calories
we get. Thanks to all of you who already include these items.