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"Cream of Anything" soups

An addition to Gloriamarie's suggestions for "cream" soups:

Julia Child's Rice and Onion Soup Base in The Way to Cook adapts easily to
make a fat-free, vegan "creamy" soup that is totally satisfying (perfect
comfort food) and wonderfully versatile.  As adapted:

Rice and Onion Soup Base

1 to 2 c.sliced onions
4 c. liquid
1/2 c. raw white rice
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Saute the onions slowly in 1/4 c. of the liquid (water, veg. stock,
whatever) for 7-8 minutes, or until tender and translucent.  Add remainder
of the liquid, and simmer the mixture about 25 minutes (or until rice is
very tender).  Puree the mixture until it is smooth and creamy. Use the
puree to thicken soups or as the base for "Cream of Anything" soups.

Cream of Anything Soups

During the last few minute of simmering the mixture and before pureeing the
Rice and Onion Soup Base, add grated veggies or steamed veggies (such as
cauliflower, or broccoli, or both) of your choice. Puree everything and
return the puree to the soup pot. Add appropriate seasonings, additional
liquid, and chopped or grated veggies for texture, as desired; simmer 2-3
minutes to blend flavors.

If making Cream of Zucchini Soup, for example, add grated zucchini (from
about 1 1/2 lbs.) to the rice mixture for the last few minutes of the
simmering and puree everything together. Return the puree to the pan, add
1/4 ts. dried tarragon, salt and pepper to taste, and more grated zucchini
if a textured soup is desired.  Add additional liquid until the soup is the
thickness/thinness desired.  Simmer 2 or 3 more minutes. Adjust seasonings.
(This is delicious served hot in the winter or cold in the summer.)

Notes:  For seasonings, I particularly like these combinations:  dill with
broccoli; nutmeg with spinach; and, of course, tarragon with the summer
squashes (zucchini, yellow, pattypan, and so on).