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pancake recipe goofs

>Thanks, Jan for the tasty sounding pancake recipes from the Bionic Woman.
>>Adapted from _The High Road to Health_, Lindsay Wagner and Ariane Spade.
>>Pour 1?$ cup
>At first this measurement annoyed me, then I had a real good chuckle as i
>realized it was the all caps version of 1/4 C....Thanks, Jan, I needed a
>good chuckle at myself!!
>>1 1/4 low fat soy milk
>I suppose the measurement is 1 1/4 C??

Ooops, blush, head hung, sickly grin, yeppers Gloriamarie, it is 1 1/4 cup
in both cases.  Can you say "proofread?"
Sorry, I will endeavor to be more careful.
Jan Gordon