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re: losing fat/weight

Hi Zoe,

No it is not a bad question.  I myself am a Nutritional Consultant and believe that when someone my size, 5'5", 132 pounds, medium build... is trying to lose weight, they should consume roughly 1600 calories per day, and between 20-25 fat grams per day.  Some people find that hard to stick to, but it really depends on your current lifestyle and eating habits.  On days that I go to the gym for example, I certainly need more calories than just 1600.  And this is recommended for some, not everyone.  How active someone is, and if they have any health conditions, etc., are all factors.  As well drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day are recommended, and little or no caffeine.  Mentally somone also has to be ready for this type of change, and commit to improving their health and wellbeing.  You can't just "diet" for a week or more and expect miracles, and then return to poor habits and be surprised if the weight comes back on.  It should be a long-term, life decision. 

I'd be willing to help you if you'd like to email me privately.  I offer free consultations.

All the best!
Jane Warr, HEALTH FOR LIFE Consulting
Nutritional Consultant, Herbalife Independent Distributor  1-888-553-6399
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