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RE: Just starting out, and a lot of obsticles

I know just how you feel Dawnn, my husband is often horrified by
some of the foods I eat.  And it can be quite frustrating to have to
make two separate meals every night (even if he does make his own).
But you will soon discover lots of recipes that are easy to convert to
keep him happy too.  e.g. when I make pasta, I usually make a simple
tomato sauce and then split it in half.  Half is added to his beef mince,
and to the other half I add some mushrooms and kidney beans.  It only
takes a few extra minutes and we sit down to pretty much the same
meal.  I'm sure you'll find lots of recipes to keep both of you happy, without
going to too much trouble in the kitchen.  My husband has learned that if
he expects any more than that, he can cook it himself.  :)


Robyn Frankland
Department of Earth Sciences
The University of Queensland
Ph: (07) 3365 4787