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Meat and Potatoes Men!!

Dawnn wrote:

........I have a huge problem, Brian!  He's a meat and potatoes
kind of guy, and when we get married, he will expect exactly that, meat
and potatoes! .....If he knows it's nofat, he'll refuse to eat it, thinking
that it will be bland and/or tasteless, and I know it will be impossible
to get him to give up meats........... would I
have to tell him these recipies are nofat AND, would it make any
difference, healthwise, to prepare nofat foods if he is still eating

Oh I know what this is like!  My husband used to be a real meat and veg man
too - but my main strategy used to be to cook what I wanted which was
healthy (like a vege stir fry, or really anything else) and serve it as a
side dish with things which he would eat.  If you choose meat with the least
amount of fat, then this would surely have to be a good start!
I guess I feel too that he has a right to eat what ever he wants, but there
is no harm in cooking as many healthy things as possible, even if he still
eats the other stuff too!  Especially if you do most of the cooking!
And I certainly wouldn't tell him they are nofat, I'd make it spicy and
tasty and tell him its a new taste sensation from somewhere!
My husband decided last year that he wanted to start eating better, and is
enjoying lots of things I would never have imagined - like eating and
requesting again a stuffed pumpkin, or plate of vegetables for dinner!!! He
has even been known to enjoy vege burgers.  This is a truly amazing

Good luck, but don't stress too much over it, he has to decide for himself
what he puts into his body!