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Dealing With SAD SO's

This message is also for Dawn:

My husband eats the SAD and I do all the (ff, veg) cooking.  He'll usually
eat whatever I make,
as it's enough SAD-like to not bother him.  For instance, last night I made
pasta (thin spaghetti) 
with a sauce of fresh tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, onions and lots of
garlic simmered
together.  I added a couple drops of liquid smoke and some soy (bacon-like)
bits, reminiscent
of (ham?) (prosciutto?)  You get the idea.  I don't go out of my way to
tell him what exactly it
is we're eating, either (unless he specifically asks).  Hey, if it tastes
good, just eat it!!!

As for meat subs, he likes Boca Burgers ("they have that grilled burger
taste"), and Gimme 
Lean (in, for instance, Hamburger Helper type meals) and Yves products
(like the Canadian 
Bacon on home made pizza) work for him as well.

I also make his lunches, which consist in part of a sandwich with lunchmeat
that he picks
out at the grocery store.  This is usually the only meat we have in the
house.  What he'll 
sometimes do if he's feeling particularly meat-deprived is mix cut-up
lunchmeat with his dinner.  
Can't understand it myself, but then I don't have to!

Then of course when we go out to eat, he'll get his meat fix that way.

Thanks everyone for all the recipes and support.

---Laura in Silicon Valley