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Re: my cookware

At 10:31 PM 5/19/98 -0400, Lee Ann Reiners wrote:
>Seasoning with oil doesn't mean you have to cook something with it. It
>you take some vegetable oil, smear it around the pan/utensil, then wipe it

It is important when you are seasoning the pan to wipe oil all over it,
then put it on your stove one med-low setting for about 15 minutes or so.
Then let the pan cool and wipe out the oil.  You only have to do it once
(but you may have to reapply every so often if you are the type to leave
your pots soaking for longer than 10 minutes or so in soapy water.

Seasoning is very important to maintaining the non-stickiness of non-stick
there is also no pan on earth as wonderful as a well-seasoned (it usually
takes several years) cast iron skillet.  Seasoning doesn't add fat to your
food because you season...then wipe all of the oil out of the pot...and it
is important to "cook" the oil into the pot before you wipe it out.